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Amy Estes Photography

Amy Estes Photography is an affordable, uncomplicated & honest small business through which I want to help you capture the personality and emotion of the people you love and want to treasure on film forever.

Family Portraits. I create family portraits of you and your loved ones within the settings that you are most comfortable and familiar. Whether at home in your backyard, at a neighborhood park, or on your favorite beach – you already have so many memories here that you will more easily get lost in a laugh with whomever is surrounding you. You won’t feel like your posing or having to force yourself to smile; instead you will be snuggling close to your loved ones to fit in my viewfinder, snickering at a joke together, laughing at your family pet, and smiling… for real.

Weddings. Since I am still a growing business, I am currently concentrating on smaller weddings as much as possible so I can be sure to capture the most intimate moments of your unique day. If this sounds appealing to you, look at some of the weddings I’ve shot (click on the link below). Then contact me for more details, and you will see that having affordable AND beautiful wedding photography doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

From engagement and marriage, to maternity, babies, kids and pets, there are too many moments, but not enough truly beautiful photos that capture the authentic personality of the people you love, who are going to change, grow-up, and get older. Please contact me if I can help you capture a few of these fleeting moments with your loved ones, so you will remember tomorrow who they were today…

To see more of my photos, click below:
Amy Estes Photography Portfolio


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