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About Amy

I fell in love with photography at the uncertain age of 14, during my first high school photography class. I was your typical, dark, teenage girl – rebelling against her parents and dating the boy who had just been kicked out of Catholic school. It was that emotionally-charged and precious time of life when you are trying to realize who you are… but a phase that I would have to grow out of.

I did eventually become a responsible young woman, but I never grew out of the giddiness I felt in capturing authentic emotion on film.

The only reason that I don’t regret not going to art school is the fact that I would have missed out on meeting my husband. Things happen for a reason. My path led me, instead, to marry young to a superb man I could spend my life with, and then living with him in Asia for a magical 3 years before moving back to the U.S. so he could study international law and human rights.

He was the one that encouraged me this summer to quit my stable desk job and pursue my dream.

And 17 years after discovering it, my desire continues to be capturing on film those fleeting, and usually bittersweet, but most priceless of emotions in the lives of those I know, those I love, and those I have just met…


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