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09.07.2010 David & Heather’s Summer Wedding

Though I have just now officially started my new photography business, I have already had the privilege of shooting several weddings over the last few years. I want to share my experience and photos from the most recent wedding shoot I did before I begin posting photos of more recent shoots.

This past July, Andres Valenzuela (of Andres Valenzuela Photography) asked me to be 2nd camera for a wedding he was shooting up in Bergen County, NJ. While I was ecstatic to not only shoot with Andres (who’s a college friend of my husband’s) and glean from his wealth of experience in the photography business, I was also a little nervous about shooting with someone so talented. Even though it was my first big church wedding, Andres immediately set me at ease, generously offering advice and encouragement, yet giving me the freedom to just relax and shoot from the gut.

In the morning, Andres sent his wife Kim and I to the groom’s house while he shot the bride getting ready at her house. As soon as we walked in the front door and met the groom, I immediately realized we would be interacting with a very special couple and family. Throughout the day, I found myself feeling a bit in awe of their love and respect for each other. The thoughtfulness they both showed to everyone around them (including us!) was refreshing and sweet. The excitement on their faces to be marrying each other was also so palpable that I found myself getting choked up a couple times throughout the day, even though I had only just met them!

It was such an honor to not only shoot this genuinely in-love couple, but to assist Andres, a friend whose creativity and character I greatly admire. I’m so grateful to Andres & Kim, as well as David & Heather, for letting me assist in capturing such a rare and beautiful love.


09.04.2010 Welcome to My Photoblog!

After quitting my 9-5 desk job a month ago and having just returned from a 3-week visit to my husband’s “home” country of Ecuador, I am finally beginning the process of starting my own business – Amy Estes Photography.

I am in the process of establishing my official website, so for now this is where I’ll connect with clients and friends to share my photos from the past, present and future, and hopefully where I’ll learn from what I’ve already produced and continue producing to become the photographer I WANT to be.

If you’re interested in capturing some special moments with your loved ones in the coming months, please click on “Contact Amy Estes Photography” on the top right menu of this screen. My pricing is extremely competitive and I have openings throughout the fall and winter to meet your family’s needs.